The Nerikomi process of working with Colored Clay is complicated and takes time to learn. Many people get discouraged by the wrong choice of stain or cracking in the pieces. Stains can be expensive, so mistakes can be costly.

Chris Campbell

I have taught Colored Clay Workshops for over 20 years so I know how to help potters through this journey. I want you to succeed. I want to share the joy of working with color.

What students say about my teaching 

When my in person teaching was paused by Covid, I decided to spend my time in the studio recording a Beginners Workshop that I could share online. It took over a year to produce this series. It is the BEST Workshop I have ever taught.

 Beginners Colored Clay Workshop 

I offer a  10 1/2 hour series of 8 videos.  I guide you step by step through the entire process of hand building with colored clay. We start by choosing clay and stains and end up with a successful glaze firing of the work.

FREE -  You can now stream Video #1 of this series for free. 

I discuss clay & stain choices then teach you how to mix stains into clay and slips.

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Video # 2- Skinner Blends  - Time 57:00 minutes

A simple, FUN way to create sheets of secondary colors to use in your patterns

Video # 3 – Stripes- Time 1:00 hour

Creative options for making striped canes with Skinner blends

Video # 4 – Checked Patterns  - Time 1 hour 13 minutes

Creating checked patterns from your striped canes

Video # 5 – Herringbone Patterns  - Time 1hour 23 minutes

How to create a herringbone patterns using your striped canes

Video # 6 – Bullseye/Jellyroll Canes  - Time 1 hour 37 minutes

Multiple ways to create and use these versatile canes

Video # 7 – Hand Building with Colored Clay Canes - Time 1 hour 35 minutes

Everything you need to know to successfully build your Artwork using the canes you have made.

VIDEO #8 – Dry, Clean, Glaze, Fire  - Time1 hour 37 minutes 

The title says it all … finish the work successfully

I have a series of Master Classes as well where I present a complete single topic.


BUILD A COLORFUL SET OF DISHES & BOWLS  -  Time 1 hour, 9 minutes

FIVE FLOWER CANES -  Time 1 hour, 45 minutes

Learn to make 5 distinctive flower canes

HOW TO INLAY A PATTERN - Time  23 minutes



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