What do you need to bring with you to a workshop?

Each student will receive a FREE illustrated handbook with lots of room to take notes and a cut off wire.



For any questions regarding supplies, please e-mail me before you buy:


Favorite hand building tools

needle tool, scissors, ribs

any 2 rulers of the same thickness

one natural sponge

small & large 

rolling pin  

Teaspoon measure

Exacto knife or similar cutting tool

Quilting ruler

1-2  1” wide, flat brushes – found in hardware stores.

3 “ wide Quilting ruler - low price at Walmart type stores

Spray bottle

Gallon & quart size plastic bags – approx. 6-8

6 – 8  old t-shirts/cloths - for wrapping work in progress

2-3 strips of non textured fabric ( like old bedsheets )for working on

Small covered plastic container to hold slip

12” wide non-slip work surface such as heavy pre washed canvas

Note* light weight fabrics slide too much to be useful

Several dry-cleaner bags or plastic bags for overnight storage


Optional items you might like:

Slip trailer 

Small handheld extruder & dies

Disposable latex type gloves

A new Michael Sherrill Mudtool has quickly become one of my favorites. It costs about $35 so is totally optional.


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