This area should help you when you want to make a large cane or pattern.

First you have to have a template for your design and measurements. Lay the pieces out before joining them with slip.

You have to be careful during assembly since any error might not be spotted until it is too late to fix without ruining the whole loaf. Still using slips I join each section to the next until it is three sections wide and tall.

This is the almost finished piece. I always add a thick layer of plain white clay around the piece to protect the design should it be bumped.

ALWAYS store the piece FLAT. If you store it on end it will gradually be crushed by its own weigh and your pattern will distort.


For more options and information on coloring clay, look at the  WORKSHOP pages of my site to find a class near you. If there isn't one, consider recommending my workshops to an Arts Center in your area.

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