The Saga Continues …..

These are some fish in process … they have been bisque fired to Cone 06 and I am high lighted the fins of the colored clay fish using Amaco underglaze colors.


I thinned out and colored some Amaco clear glaze so I could see where it was going and more importantly as I loaded the kiln I could see where it was.

Loading the fish was very tricky work so this color really helped me avoid glazing them to the shelf!

I just unloaded my kiln and am HAPPY top to bottom with the results … a colorful load of fish and coral reef parts.


Those brown bases are the parts of the large piece I started with that blew up during the bisque firing. 

Since they all had texture and interest I decided to use them as bases for groups of fish. 

The fish with the holes on top will be hanging from tree branches using fishing line.

I still have another load of fish, sponges and coral to fire, along with some regular work that has been waiting to claim a spot. 

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