My new ‘2016 To-Do’ List

This is something I generally do in January. Make my list of goals for the new year with steps on how to achieve them.

BUT, right now I find myself ready to roll already … well on the planning part for next year since I will not have time to start on it until the new class sessions in January.

Right now I have one big goal. 

Taking a pottery throwing class session.

WOW! Huge right? … no?? 

Well yes, I do kind of know how to throw but since I have not seriously thrown a form in twenty years I am positive it is worth my while to take at least one session of classes.


I want to explore all the ways a person could use colored clay and colored clay patterns and designs in throwing and in thrown vessels. The only way to do this in a productive manner is to throw the work myself. 

I tried throwing experiments this past year and quickly realized I have lost the ability to make anything taller than 4” or to make the form I want rather than what the clay tells me it is going to make.


So the first line of attack is getting back my throwing skills. Then getting to the level where I can throw my porcelain … ugh … much more challenging than a lovely, forgiving, groggy clay!!

Then I am going to try everything … inside, outside and all around. Lamination, inlay, sgraffito, clay slip layers, textures, carving … I want to see what happens. I am tired of seeing swirly colors being offered as the only way to throw colored clays.

Hopefully by year end I will have put my money where my mouth is and can offer a teaching section devoted to throwing this marvelous colored clay.

Wish me luck.

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