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High firing done

As the Holidays careen towards me, I have fired my last load of work for the 2013 year and will spend my time staring at them and trying to find my way into the next version. The idea of layers still intrigues me, but this way of expressing it is not on target yet.

Test-2 2W
Test-2- -1W

Right now this white version is probably my favorite because it is translucent when in a single layer. I have to get the clay thinner and the layers more mobile ... or something.

I hope I can get back to this project by June of next year ... the first part of the year is quite full, so it will be percolating for a long while.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Bisque on test 2


These are the four Step Two pots at bisque stage.

One thing I have learned is that you can see your pots a lot better in an image than you can in person ... it's like some kind of filter turns off and you see them a tad more objectively. Of course, fashionistas have know this forever as they always take pix of themselves in outfits before buying them.

Right now I can see that I have solved a few problems and created several more.

Patience!! Patience ....

It's a 'Rule' in pottery that you must wait until your work is dry before firing if you want to avoid disasters like cracks and exploding pots. I am constantly telling others to wait until the item no longer feels cold ... that is the best sign of a dry pot.

BUT ... in the realm of practicing what I preach ... it's hard to wait! I have my second batch of the new pots drying and it is taking forever ... 


and ever ....


The bottoms are still cool and even though it is tempting to "just load the kiln and let them keep drying" ... I know myself well enough to know I wont be able to resist turning the kiln on.

So I occupy myself by cleaning the studio, getting the house decorated for the Holidays, putting up the lights ... anything to resist that devil on my shoulder egging me on.

It will not pay to make any more until I see if my error corrections worked. No point in making more seconds!

But really, it is getting to that point that potters know well ... the old "whatdoyougottolose" moment ... fire in haste, repent at leisure.

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