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These are the first pots made from thin layers of paper porcelain.


Not sure yet where it is headed but will keep posting images through the firings.


I will be trying various treatments and glazes until I find exactly what I am looking for.

roman inspirations

I spent the last half of September in Rome, the city that has inspired artists since ... well, forever. 

On the day of our arrival we were fortunate to take a walking tour with a young, enthusiastic archeologist. She took us to a dig that is open to the public but relatively unknown to the guide books ... so quite empty. Located in the basement of a small independent theatre, the dig goes down three levels through what was once the home of a wealthy person and a bit of the neighboring walls.

We were fascinated and asked the normal tourist questions. "If you dug deeper will there be more?" Yes, Romans built new buildings right on top of the old ones so it goes down to the first inhabitants. "Why isn't it wider? Why didn't you go further to see what's there?" Because somebody lives next door ... no matter where you dig in Ancient Rome you will find ruins. Homes, businesses, roads ... they are all still there under your feet no matter where you walk."


A couple days later we were beneath an office building looking through a glass floor at still more ruins. Another wealthy Roman's villa. Here they had unearthed the most gorgeous mosaic floor that the 'new' people had built right over. They used fallen columns and old statues as fill for support. The old Roman road was there right up against an outer wall of the home. 


Again the layers.

All I could think about as I walked the streets was 'layers' ... the ones right below me and the ones that would cover where I was right then in a thousand years or so.


Upon returning to my studio, I could not get this out of my mind. Layers. The same as the layers always catch my eye in natural rock formations.

So ... even though I have more than enough other stuff that needs doing, I immediately set to work on all the ideas that were percolating in my brain.

Here is an image of the new work drying ... they are upside down on pillow stuffing to protect the rims while the bottoms dry.


Its going to take a while to dry and it is hard to resist starting another batch of them ... but really need to wait and see if the idea even works! Stay tuned.

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