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Smokin! - in & out of the studio


Work on the drying racks and work cooling in the kiln and more molds for new patterns and "functional" ware. Yes, bowls and trays are underway along with the usual gorgeous wall pieces and table centerpieces. 


I like everything about bowls. Holding them and using them and just looking at them as I wash or dry them. I collect them for use ... I don't leave them on a lonely shelf where no one can admire them up close and personal. Even little children need to use real pottery. They learn to be careful.


Today, Sunday, I am resting from pottery but have fired up the b-b-q. An experiment with mesquite smoked tomatoes is underway. If it works we will have an incredible pasta dish for dinner.


If not, just as with pottery experiments, I will try again next week. I have coated them with olive oil, garlic, pepper and salt and topped them with shallots and peppers.

IMG 7787

Here it is in all of its pasta glory!

Working Studio


The chaos that is my studio while I am working ...  I did not show the floor piled high with discarded cloths that have color on them. Yes, slab rollers are somewhat like exercise equipment in that you can hang stuff from them to render them useless for a time.

From this comes the beautiful, translucent pieces that look like they were made under very calm conditions.

Happy and thrilled to report that there is some VERY cool work in progress that I will be very proud to exhibit and sell.

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