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HOW do they do it???

This is my daily question when I see that many of my potter friends have once again found time to post to their blogs while mine is so hit and miss as to make it mostly 'miss'. Most days I don't believe I am doing anything interesting enough to post to the world, but then I am told by others that whatever I am doing HAS TO BE more interesting than their day. Hmmmmm ....

three friends-copy

Makes me recall the first colored clay workshop I took from Jane Peiser. We would look up from time to time and find her busily working away on an impressive sculpture and collectively gasp ... "What are you doing? Why didn't you call us?"


She was amazed that we would find what she was doing interesting since it was quite ordinary to her. Needless to say, watching her work was quite amazing to us!!

Lesson learned .... perhaps my days are more interesting than I think.

I have been following my motto "TRY, FAIL, LEARN ... REPEAT" with much diligence. 

I have been testing the limits of color transparency by using forms built around balloons ... GOSH, balloons makes it sound like fun already!


WHY a balloon?

 Well, you can wrap clay around a balloon and as long as you have left some breathing room at the neck, the clay can shrink around it with no stress or cracks. After the clay has set up I can make a tiny hole in the neck of the balloon, and it slowly deflates leaving everything in great condition. Since I work paper thin, this is a huge plus.

Also it is a very simple way to try my layers tests ... I wrap and shape the clay many different ways and leave it to dry without having to baby it.


I want to find out how the paper thin layers of color show through various thicknesses ... I have put some colored patterns into the centers of pure white to see which show up best ... trying to plan the placement of color and see if it actually ends up there. 

Many of them are totally hidden right now so it will be exciting to see if they pop when the rest of the vessel gets translucent.

Still trying to get my clay thinner!! A never ending quest.


This one is my current favorite because the colors are placed the way I had seen in my head. Took a few nights sleeping on it to come up with a technique that would put them where I wanted.

Looks kind of hopeful and silly like any party balloon doesn't it?

About a month more of building these, then I will fire and see what happens ... good or bad, learn the lesson and start building my next set of more complex forms which will incorporate lessons learned from this nice simple bowl shape.

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