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Well, that didn't work ...


I think I can safely say that this particular idea did not work out  ...... yet.

"What would happen if .....?"


I keep my sample slices of the canes in water so I can quickly see the color they will fire to. Usually pieces fired to Cone 06 will look like Cone 6 when wet.

So here they sit waiting for the artist ... I have been trying so many new techniques that it is taking forever to produce an entire kiln load. This is one of the advantages/disadvantages of a short attention span. I always want to see "What would happen if ....."


I've been experimenting with free form trays ... the basic pattern is a willow type of plant. I love the idea of contrasting the pattern with the form.  This pattern is a rigid vertical that I have softened and basically let do its own thing.


I will be sketching stem details on this Rose Tray after bisque firing using an underglaze pencil.


This butterfly bowl will be moved to the wheel tomorrow to add a base and smooth the outer surface. I have never tried this before, so we could end up with shards.

No guts, no glory!!

While all these experiments slow down the path to the next kiln load, the excitement of trying new things never ceases to please me.  The thing others call "Failure" is just postponed Success.

Short attention span issues

So ... instead of doing what I should be doing, I am messing around with a new cane design sent to me by my New Orleans e-mail buddy, Kate Tonguis. ‎Even though we have never met in person we have managed to get in 'virtual' trouble together.

She sent me an image of a Klimt cane design (L) and her version (R) that she made in about 45 minutes from polymer clay.

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Here is a link to the design page for those who are into this ... 

Needless to say, I took her challenge to see if I could do it in a reasonable amount of time with my earthen colored clays.


This was my result after about one hour and fifteen minutes ... took a bit longer than the polymer experiment and not as precise. To make it better I would have to take more time and plan the colors.

I wasn't crazy about how tidy the cane was so I cut it apart and mixed the colors up a bit. Phew ... much better!

So now that I have played for a while, best I get back to work on those gorgeous flowered canes ... I am doing a whole new approach with those as well and have followed that tangent ... I hope successfully.

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