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Pinecroft Workshop


I'm back home in North Carolina again after a wonderful workshop at Pinecroft Centre for the Arts in Aylmer, Ontario.


This scenic property creates a very relaxed and inspiring atmosphere for creative work.

photo 4-1

Inside the studio, students overlooked the lily pond as they created interesting patterns with colored clay for the first time.


Tony Clennell 

accepted my challenge to throw the colored clay for  us. 


Being the excellent potter he is, he produced some stunning cups. 


The next day he added handles. Perhaps we have converted him to color ... NOPE... that would mean abandoning the loves of his life ... wood firing and reduction gas kilns.

The workshop attendees produced some beautiful work ... 


Here's the last day rush to see and photograph everyone's pieces.

Even Tony snuck a few shots ....


.... and the girly mug got sent to it's new home

Sadly, the tools get packed up, the studio gets cleaned ....


... and we all head up to the Green Frog Tearoom for a last delicious lunch together before we say goodbye and start our journeys home.


Retail Therapy!


I spent May 31st and June 1st, 2014 working my tent at the Larkspur Party in Raleigh, NC. This was my first retail venture in twelve or so years.


We had absolutely perfect weather ... warm, sunny with light breezes. This is the nineteenth year for this garden party/craft fair, so the crowds were knowledgeable and friendly. Who would not love a perfect day in an absolutely gorgeous garden with talented crafts people all around?

I know I had a great time meeting new customers and greeting old fans of my work. Most had never seen Artwork like mine anywhere before, so it was fun explaining how this ancient technique adapts to the 21st Century.

Thanks to the Alvarino Family and to all their helpers for making this event so special.

Thanks to all the lovely folks who dropped by my booth to admire and to buy. You are the reason crafts are still alive in this age of imports.

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