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Samples ready to fire

June 12 was day one and here it is June 29th and I have these cane samples ready to fire for a final color check before I start assembling my ... I guess I could say my assembled canes are 'porcelain paintings' ... but perhaps I will call them eye candy instead?


I want this series to reflect the hot, lazy beauty of long summer days. Flowers in bloom, insects buzzing. Ponds and gardens. Lots of floral patterns and a few new ones ... butterflies, dragonflies ... can't wait to see how they affect the final results.

Speaking of fabulous colored porcelain results, I just have to BRAG on my Internet buddy/potter/fellow colored clay addict ... Dean McRaine of Light Wave Pottery in Kealia, Hawaii. Go see his site

Look at his fabulous new cane ... cannot wait to see what he makes from it!

Dean McRaine

Cane Reduction

This is for my past students ... and future colored clay artists ... I just successfully  reduced a cane using the polymer technique. I had a floral cane that I did not like so much and it sat for about a week until I decided to give reduction another try. It worked in this case because none of the accuracy of the image really mattered. I still don't think it would work with anything you wanted to keep in proportion ... but it's a first step!


Porcelain Artist at Work!

It is sometimes amazing to realize that my beautiful designs are born in such an atmosphere of chaos ... but this is how it always ends up looking and it's barely  the beginning ... at least another week to go before all designs are done. So far it is looking really good and have some new designs to show for it.


It's going to get worse before I clean it all up. The white porcelain is isolated on a separate shelf where none of the colors can get close.

This is how my friends know when I am not working ... my studio is clean!

The color is processed

DAY THREE ... sheets of color are complete and test strips have been fired.


I am very pleased with the colors ( this photo does not show them well, but close enough! ) and now will begin design and assembly of patterned canes.

First step is to form and set aside the white areas of the patterns so they do not come into contact with little colored bits.

First day of new designs

I have been working on this in my head for a month now, waiting to get started. Funny how hard it can be to get into the studio to work. Good thing I get lots of waiting time to plan it. Last month I got all of my molds thrown, bisqued and coated with kiln wash. I build and fire in them so it is important that my porcelain does not stick to the mold form.


I have my colors planned and I start into day two with a good batch of colors made and more waiting to go.


Here are the small slivers from each sheet that I will fire tonight to make sure the colors are right before I start to make my designs. Always smart to make sure I like the colors before I put all the days of work into creating canes.


Back to work for now .....

I'm the 'Potters Council 2014 Show' Juror


Well, yes I am so slow with blogging ... I really did mean to do this more often but I had two guest artists in my studio, so my work was put on hold for a bit.

Last week I accepted the honor of jurying the Potters Council Juried Show for 2014 ... The name of the show is "Transcending Material" and it will be quite challenging and very interesting to me. It's all about finding inventive ways to express yourself with clay. 

I have always loved clay work that expresses itself beyond the obvious so this is right up my alley. I am hoping to select an outstanding show that will wake the establishment up to the fact that there are thousands of talented potters working hard in their studios all over the world. Full time, part time, degreed and self taught ... new ideas are not isolated within ivy walls. Lately we have been getting great submissions from abroad. New points of view to make it even more interesting

The Potters Council juried show owns a special place for me as I was a Board Member when the idea was first proposed to have a juried show and the initial show was planned to co-incide with the Philadelphia NCECA. 

What a crazy year of trying to find out what worked and what didn't. We found the neatest venue ( Show of Hands ) with the nicest owners and we put on an amazing show.


Currently the show is displayed on the Vendors Floor of the NCECA Conference. Every single attendee hits that floor at some time or other so the work is seen by all. Its a great opportunity for every winning artist to be noticed and appreciated by thousands of pottery peeps.

I have juried from images before so it should be challenging and fun.

If you are reading this ... get to your studio and make a piece to send in!!

Opening Night at Claymakers in Durham

Photos from the Opening Night party for the "Handbuilt" Show at Claymakers in Durham on May 17, 2013. They celebrate their Arts on the Third Friday of each month in Durham and the downtown was definitely lively and noisy. 

gal 3

I have never been in Durham for this evening of Art before so it was a lot of fun to see the Downtown area full of cars and people. 

gal 1gal 2

The gallery was hopping with folks wandering in from nearby restaurants and also from the bus that was running the Arts circuit for those who did not want to walk the whole tour. 

A live band played music out front throughout the evening and luckily for us all the thunderstorms held off until midnight.

This show continues through to July 13, 2013 so go take a look.

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