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Getting ready for the 'Larkspur Party'

Just about twelve years ago, while packing up our booth from a lovely craft show in Virginia, my husband and I looked at each other and said ... "WE ARE TOO OLD FOR THIS!  I had to either get into jewelry where the work is lighter and easier to carry, or stop doing shows. We stopped doing public shows and stayed with our wholesale business.

But, I found I missed seeing my customers. I missed chatting with them and finding out what they are up to. So, here I go again ... and I picked the best local party in town!

Yes, I will be woman'ing a booth at the lovely Larkspur Party in Raleigh, NC on May 31 and June 1st, 2014. This is an outdoor event on the most beautifully landscaped property and the gardens will be in full bloom. It features local artists and I am thrilled to be included in the line up this year.

There is a wide range of talent here ... pottery, garden sculpture, jewelry, drawings, paintings, woodwork, basketry, gourds, metalwork, tiles, and of course, plants. The event is low key and free. 

Here a few of the actual pieces I will be offering for sale.

floral-bowlpebble rippleroses trans-2

Colored Clay Workshop in Naples

If you wonder what it is like to take a week long workshop with me, here are some images from my recent workshop at Annabelle's Pottery in Naples, Florida. We had a fun and talented group of 16 potters at work.


We start the workshop with colorful aprons special ordered by Annabelle for every student in the workshop. The room is clean, the clay and workbooks are set out and we are ready to roll.


My first presentation is on color and pattern with a side trip into the area of clear glazes.



That night the studio is not so tidy ... and our aprons are not quite clean any more.



Sweet to be able to dry our work in the shade of lovely palm trees.



IMG 0073

The work is finally out of the last Cone 6 firing.


WE DID HAVE FUN while learning so much.

Planting my flowers

Finally, a lovely warm day, blue skies and sunshine. Time to plant my garden.  Yes, of course there are other things I could be doing!!


First I have to prep the soil since I want to be able to push the bases firmly into the ground.


Next I pushed the leaves on their bases into the soil and tamped the ground around them to firmness. Filled the centers with soil to help with stability.


Then I pushed the flower stems firmly into the soil as deeply as I could.

VOILA ... It's officially Spring at my house


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