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Throwing Class - done!

THROWING … ugh, I remember the messiness of it now.

I have finished my refresher throwing class with nothing to show for it except improved skills … every cylinder I threw got sliced in half and examined. I can now throw a reasonably sized cylinder with even sides and bottoms. That means it is time to launch my ‘Throwing Colored Clay Patterns every way you possibly can think of’ Project.


I invite everyone reading this to join me on this journey.

Basically I want to move the possibilities of colored clay throwing beyond the normal ‘mash two clays together and see how it swirls’ to placing patterns, colors and designs into specific areas and having the final product look amazing.

I'll begin today by making 25 lbs. of patterns and designs that I will incorporate into thrown vessels. For anyone who wants to try, your designs can be as simple as stripes … its the deliberate placement success I am trying for, not excellence in pattern design.

I will take images throughout the process so I can document what works and what does not.

If you would like to join in send your results to me through the contact area of my webpage or post some pix on my Color/Colour in Clay page on Facebook.

More later …..

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