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Wow, I need some Spring time!

The cabin fever project of making flowers for my garden is now in the assembly stage. 


Since I took this image, the weather has turned cold again so I had to move the gluing indoors. The glue only works above 50 degrees.


So now the flowers are ready and the leaves are almost done ... stems waiting and drying ... now all I need is some warm weather to go outside and 'plant' them.

So, while we all wait for that to happen .... let me share some images of the Artwork I saw while in Milwaukee for NCECA.


This installation is at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan. I did not note the artists name, but he was one of their Arts/Industry fellows. I thought at first it was a take on the Chinese warriors, but it is a more personal look at the long history of the men in his family going to war.


This is also in the Kohler Arts Center ... a beautiful life size tile work of a pregnant woman ... her feet are roots and the baby is nestled in branches. 


A very lovely piece.

These pieces are part of the 'Healing Machine' created by Emory Blagdon, on view at the Kohler Arts Center.


Back from NCECA in Milwaukee

I worried about the weather in  regards to getting in and out of Milwaukee and totally took my eyes off the ball locally. 


An ice storm moved in the morning of departure, leaving us sitting for over two hours in a plane waiting to be de-iced. 

No complaints whatsoever about being de-iced, thank you very much!!

Fortunately, my departure gate was across the hall from my arrivals gate, so I made my connecting flight with 3 minutes to spare.


I was the juror for the 2014 Potters Council Members Show 


I was anxious to see it and was totally thrilled with how beautiful it was. The Membership of Potters Council is just so talented.



Carolyn Dorr

photo bombing my picture!

WINTER 2014 goes on and on and on ....

Every year I look forward to the North Carolina Potters Conference. It always has terrific presenters and its fun to meet potters from all over North Carolina and lately, from all parts of the country.

There's an old saying around there ... "If you want weather, schedule the conference." and this year it was so true. Right on schedule a rainy night turned into a windy, freezing ice storm with trees falling across roads and power knocked out in many Asheboro areas. 

ice storm

The organizers rallied and conference went on wherever there was power. They all did a fabulous job of keeping the events going and did it all with big smiles and minimum fuss. Congrats to them!!

Before I left for conference I created my yard by making flowers for my yard. It has been a long winter and I needed some COLOR.


I fired the load and had it cooling while I attended the conference. Back home in my studio I unloaded a kiln full of spring flowers. Now I am off to the hardware store to buy some silicone and hey ... I could be planting my flowers any day now.

Now you know what a professional potter does while they should be doing other things. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

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