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2014 underway .....

You can tell by the mess in my studio that I am finally underway with new work and new challenges for 2014.


This is a super thin slab of pastel color hues waiting for the previous steps in the process to catch up to it. You will notice it is between wet sheets, covered by a damp towel and again with three layers of plastic.


and ... here is a new tool to experiment with ... a heat gun. Doing some tests with Darvan cracked surfaces like the one below.


Today I am going to work with darker sheets of color to create patterns to work with the pastels. Its all in my head, just has to come out through my hands!

WOW ... just saw three eagles zooming past my window looking like they just located lunch ... we've had these three in the area since last year when they were babies ... I wonder when they will split to find their own territories.

Setting my GOALS for 2014


New Years resolutions have never been my thing. 

It has always struck me as one way to turn a hopeful year into a negative proposition within a month. 

There is no way one particular night is any more likely to produce an amazing alteration in your ways than any other.

BUT ... 

I am a huge fan of writing down a list of Goals each year.

I also believe they should be broken down to do-able baby steps. No point in setting yourself up to fail by making the task totally daunting.

This list should be posted in a place where you will see it daily.

There should be a marker nearby so you can cross off items as you complete them.

This year one of my Goals is to progress further on my layers ideas by leaving behind the limits of bowl shapes and seeing where that trip out of the box takes me. ( Yes, I have broken this idea down to baby steps.)

Another Goal is to post more often on my blog even if I don't think much is happening. I have to remember my day to day pottery work is more interesting than I think it is.


Today I am sketching, planning colors, imagining adding textures to the layers, reading a couple reference books .... in my studio which might even be clean soon. 

I guess I'll make that a goal too so I can cross it off the list tomorrow.

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